The cleanliness of the carpet in a commercial setting says a lot about the business.  Businesses that have their carpets cleaned on a quarterly or biannual basis show that they care about the way their business is perceived and that they pay attention to the details.

Although commercial grade carpet is made differently than residential carpet, it still requires regularly scheduled cleaning.  Primo Steamo offers two types of commercial carpet cleaning;  encapsulation cleaning and deep steam cleaning.  Encapsulation cleaning is a quick process that is usually performed on a bi-monthly basis.  It removes most of the daily grind that is brought into the business and is designed to keep the carpet looking great between major deep steam cleanings.  Deep steam cleaning uses our truck mount, ph balanced steam cleaning process to remove the stubborn traffic patterns, stains, and soils that customers bring into the business.  Our process leaves the carpets looking great, whether they are carpet tiles or standard rolled carpet.  Combined with carpet protectant, your carpets will stay looking clean longer.

Regardless of the service your company requires, give Primo Steamo a call today to schedule cleaning of your commercial carpet.