There are few better feelings than that of fresh, new carpet under your feet. Depending on the grade of carpet that’s in your house, it could be anywhere from five to twenty five years when you’ll get to experience that new carpet feeling.  So does that mean you only get to enjoy fresh carpet four or five times in your whole life?  No!

Although a weekly vacuuming of your carpet helps, there is no substitute for having carpets cleaned by a professional.  Carpets that are professionally cleaned will have that new carpet feel once again.  The general rule of thumb is to have your residential carpet cleaned yearly.  However, if you are particularly rough on your carpets or if you suffer from allergies, a biannual cleaning could reap huge benefits.

Our carpets are exposed to quite a bit of wear and tear on a daily basis.  From soiled shoes to spilled milk to pet accidents, we constantly test the limits of our carpet. We wash our bodies, our clothes, and even our pets, so why wouldn’t we also wash our carpets?  The benefits are much greater than just having clean carpet.  Your house will smell cleaner, you will have reduced allergens in the air and the life of your carpet will be extended.  With Primo Steamo having an on-board water softener, your carpets will feel softer than they have for years.

Give Primo Steamo a call today and enjoy that fresh carpet feeling all over again.