Every day our furniture is subjected to many of the same contaminants as our carpet.  This includes household dust, soils brought in on our clothing and as much as we don’t want to think about it, all the outside bits and pieces our animals bring into the house.  Cleaning the upholstery with the vacuum helps, but nothing beats having a professional come in to do the work.  The benefits are substantial including:

  • The upholstery will smell cleaner
  • Your furniture lasts longer
  • Your home’s air quality will be better
  • Your house looks more beautiful
  • Your furniture will be cleaned properly, preventing further stains or damage

Our regular upholstery cleaning involves a pretreatment, scrubbing, neutralizing rinse, removing and cleaning of all cushions and pillows, as well as cleaning crevices. Primo Steamo will determine the best practice, depending on the type of fabric and the appropriate cleaning method. Contact us to schedule service for upholstery cleaning in your home today!